Our main experience is to design and develop proof-of-concept and prototype system that solves your problem efficiently. Our solutions are ready for ramp-up to production level.


Use our development and engineering experience to design and layout analog, digital and mixed-signal printed circuit boards optimized for large-scale manufacturing. Our in-house SMT-production line allows very fast turn-around of prototypes and is used to identify and verify solutions at an early stage of the development. Integrate our embedded firmware and software development skills into your products. Our engineering experience includes the design and development of mechanical parts, such as, enclosures.


Having us as your strong partner can take any shape: we can work as independent consultants on a per-project basis or we may contribute to your internal project as an integral team partner. We may also support you with our cross-disciplinary development team leaders or by providing you tailor-made courses to train your staff.


We deliver knowledge and experience in any agreed form, such as, software, printed circuit boards, electrical and mechanical prototypes and proof of concept solutions, patents, technical documents, research reports, courses and trainings.

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Dr. Benny Sällberg
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