Our research in applied signal processing began in 1999. “Applied research” means to us that we take into account real world physical constraints while conducting the research. Research constraints are not only determined by the physics but a research outcome is usually also limited by the available resources set by the end product (e.g. battery life in portable equipment, available computation and memory resources, physical footprint…).

The outcome of our research services can be a patent, a technical report, a proof-of-concept solution for concept validation etc.

By using our research services, you will get access to several man-years of experience in applied research and thereby gain a clear advantage over your competitors, including fields such as:

  • Single-sensor signal processing
  • Multiple-sensor signal processing
  • Image processing and enhancement
  • Spatial filtering (beamforming)
  • Digital filter design
  • Filter banks
  • Source localization
  • Supervised and unsupervised adaptive filtering
  • Optimal signal processing
  • Statistical signal analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Independent component analysis
  • Neural networks and learning systems
  • Pattern recognition and classification
  • Active noise and vibration control

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