Rule-driven PCB design

High speed interfaces require proper control of impedance and signal timing during the PCB layout process while keeping signal crosstalk and disturbances at a minimum. We use rule-driven PCB design methods to ensure that high speed design requirements such signal integrity are being met already during the early stages of the design process. Here is […]

New patent filed

In collaboration with Birdkids GmbH we are proud to announce the recent filing of a new patent with the title “Tragbares digitales Audiogerät zur Erfassung von Benutzerinteraktionen”.

Micro controllers & Signal processors

A short while ago, I got a question about which micro controllers and signal processors I support. By “support” it was meant which technologies do I really know inside-out and for which I can both supply code and do hardware designs. So here comes a short summary of technologies that are a naturally part of […]

Automatic PCB Assembly

To further advance our automatic PCB assembly services, we have invested in new equipment to mount SMT components on PCBs and to solder these in a highly automated process. Contact us for more information.

Innovation Services

We support your company in finding innovative ideas for future developments. You can book workshops to create new ideas and sort out the most seminal ones to count on. We accompany your process from the idea to the product. Please contact us for more information:

Instrument Plugins for Protools

As part of a broadening of our expertice, we are getting ready to develop new plugins for the digital audio workstation AVID Protools. Our ambition is to be a certified plugin developer Do you need a custom plugin for protools ? Let us know!

New web design

In an effort to clarify who we are, what we do and how we may be of your assistance, we have modernized and updated our web design. We hope you will enjoy it, and we appreciate any feedback from you!

SMT Production Line

To further support or clients we have set up an SMT (surface mount technology) production line in our workshop. The SMT production line is intended to be used for smaller series, such as, prototype series, small pre-production and production sets. The SMT-line comprises basically of a solder paste dispensing machine, an automatic SMT assembly robot, […]