This year was the second anniversary of the Dimensions Conference, held by Sällberg Technologies in Attnang-Puchheim, the Gate to Austrias Salzkammergut.
The topic was “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” and the goal was to inform about the State of the Art, the history and future perspectives in these amazing fields.

The three key note speakers Dr. Sällberg (Sällberg Technologies), Dr. Toplak (TopLab – Toplak Laboratory) and Ass. Prof. Dr. Langs (Computational Imaging Research Lab, Medical University of Vienna) gave insights into exciting fields of data driven modeling, visualization and application areas.
These ranged from AI in signal processing, hardware development and optimization (Dr. Sällberg) to learning organizations, AI in quality management, information systems and decision support (Dr. Toplak). Machine learning in medical image recognition was the final talk by Dr. Langs showing amazing applications from radiological data, to detect, classify and predict different kinds of disease over time (e.g. breast cancer, brain functionality, etc.).

The conclusion: The areas of application are wide and theoretically only limited to imagination and mind, but rather to data from observation, measurement and simulation.
On the other side optimization potentials in industry and management are given by a variety of use cases in mechatronics, robotics, computer vision, diagnostics, management and  operations.
In many cases companies already have data about technical or economical processes, but are not aware of the potentials for optimization and for the development of novel products.